John’s Pass MONSTER King Fish Tournament
October 20, 2007
1st. Place Winner 42.02 Lbs.




2006 Season

May 5th Old Salts King of the Beach
330 boats
4th Place overall
3rd Place TWT
38.20 lb.

May 12th and 13th Gators sun-coast Kingfish Classic SKA
100 boats 1st Place overall
1st Place TWT

May 19th Promarineusa.com / Pal kingfish Tournament SKA
100 boats 1st Place overall
1st Place TWT

As of that last tournament we are currently in 1st Place in the Division with a 3 fish aggregate weight of 102.34 lbs. And will qualify again for the National Championship to be held in Biloxi Mississippi in November.
Other Stats- Team Lagerhead Tournament History
05-11th Annual Mercury Outboards Sun coast Kingfish Classic
7th Place overall- 26.40
05 Billy’s Stone Crab Shack kingfish Tournament
1st Place overall 30.05
1st Place TWT
05-Loadmaster Ska
7th Place overall 33.76
05- West Marine Ska
10th Place overall
05- Loadmaster Ska (fall)
6th Place overall 30.72
05-Billy’s Stone Crab Shack Tournament
1st Place overall 28.1
1st Place TWT
06- Old Salts Inshore/Offshore Tournament
3rd Place overall
06- Old Salts King of The Beach (fall, 322 boats)
3rd Place overall 38.72
3rd Place TWT
06- 12th annual Contender, Yamaha, Loadmaster KFT (Sarasota)
3rd Place Overall 32.64
3rd Place TWT
(Leader 1st day)
06- Old Salts King of The Beach (spring.306 boats)
7th Place Overall 33.58
06-Hog’s Breath Ska (key west)
20th Place 39.58
07- Promarineusa.com/Pinellas Sheriff’s PAL
1St Place overall- 40.40
1st Place TWT.
07-Loadmaster/Garore classic
1st Place overall- 36.80
1st Place TWT
07-Old Salts King of The Beach (fall)
4th Place overall- 38.20
3rd Place TWT
07- Hog’s Breath Ska (key west)
19th Place overall 39.76
07- John’s Pass Monster Kingfish Tournament
1st Place overall 42.02
1st Place TWT
08- Sarasota Ska
4th place overall 33.40
08- Pro Marine Ska Clearwater
3rd Place overall 40.64
3rd place TWT
08- Old Salts King of the Beach Spring
2nd Place overall (330 boat field) 45.56
2nd Place TWT
08- 2nd Ann. Monster Classic Johns Pass
10th Place overall 28.80
08- Fall SKA Gators Classic
6th Place Overall 26.74
08- Fall King of the Beach
14th place overall (260 boats) 31.40
08- National Championship Biloxi Mississippi
10th Place overall (over 450 boats) 2 fish agg. Of 74.80
09- Sarasota classic-Ska 3rd place overall 38.35
09- 8th place overall Div. 11 Marco Island- 29.31
09- 9th place overall Div. 11 Ft. Myers – 30.83
09- 7th place overall Naples Ska Div. 11- 30.26
09- Spring King of the Beach (300 boats) 12th place overall. 26.70
09- Johns Pass Monster Kingfish Tournament- 2nd place overall- 37.20
09- Fall King of the Beach (280 boats) 7th place overall 29.60 2005-

Ended Season in 6th Place overall in Division 6
2006- Ended the season in 15th place overall in Division 11
2007- Finished in 3rd Place overall in Division 6
2008- Finished in 4th Place overall in Division 6
2009- Finished 6th. overall in Division 11

2010- Finished in 3rd Place overall in Division 11
2010- March 20th- SKA Naples Fishing in Paradise- 2nd Place overall 20.19
2010-April 3rd- SKA Division 11 Ft. Myers 3rd place overall 38.72
2010-April 10th SKA Division 6 Sarasota 5th overall 30.71
2010- Gators Spring SKA- 2nd. Place overall  38.86
2010- Season wrap up- Team Lagerhead finished both division 6 and 11 in 3rd place overall

2011- Sarasota SKA- 1st Place overall 47.28
2011- NBOA Gulf Coast Open SKA- 4th Place overall 41.98
2011- Gators SKA event- 2nd place overall 28.36
2011- Fall King of the Beach- 3rd place overall 39.56 1st place calcutta
2011- Division 6 (west Florida) SKA Champions 1st Place overall

2012 Spring Season
Sarasota Ska- 2nd Place overall and 2nd Place TWT 34.68 lbs
Wild West Kingfish Tournament (leg 1)- 3rd Place overall 36.88 lbs
Wild West Kingfish Tournament (leg 2)- 4th Place overall 36.68 lbs
Gators (spring) Ska Tournament- 4th place overall 39.89 lbs
102.5 The Bone Fishing Tournament- 2nd Place overall (400 boats) 321.88 points
Savage Yacht Offshore Challenge Tournament- 1st Place overall and 1st Calcutta- 467.9 points
2012 National Championship in Mississippi- 9th place overall- 150 of the Southeast’s best fisherman

Old Salts Loop Tournament 08-07
Team Cabo Loco- 2nd Place overall Billfish (9 Swordfish)
Old Salts Loop Tournament 08-08
Team Cabo Loco- 2nd Place overall Billfish (2 Swordfish, 1 500lb Blue Marlin)

Sarasota Slam Bluewater Tournament
Team Cabo Loco- 1st Place overall Swordfish 169 lbs.
3rd. place Billfish calcutta (400 points)